Web 3.0 cracking the hard nuts(Part 1)

I am not talking only about AWS, Google, and Azure. I can, with confidence, includes major Infrastructure telecom players such as AT&T and Vodafone.

  • Theoretical and philosophical chit-chatting (this article).
  • Networking infrastructure will use Helium as an example.
  • Decentralized cloud, here there are many players. I focuse on only one but will mention some as examples. Akash Network, RunOnFlux, and Definity a.k.a the Internet Computer Protocol.
  • Decentralized Storage, as well there is a lot of options Storj, FileCoin, Sia.

New game, new rules

The Web 3.0 Philosophy

Web 1.0 as news and library 2.0

The main goal of a company that provides the service and store the data is to monetize and Control, you can think of it as my Infrastructure my rules.

My Infrastructure, My Rules

Web 2.0 fail where Web 3.0 can shine

Final thoughts



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